Frequently asked


Frequently asked questions

Do you buy used books?

Yes! We buy books in gently loved condition. For example: hardcovers must have the dust jackets (if issued), all books shiuld have no stains, not be damaged, have ripped pages, and have minimal writing inside. For general inventory (you know, that copy of '1984' that's been sitting on your shelf for forever) the cash price is typically .50 cents to one dollar for paperbacks and one to two dollars for hardcovers. For current releases, art books, rare/collectible, signed books, prices vary by item. We CAN NOT value your items without seeing and touching them! PLEASE make an appointment! We are ALWAYS buying: Science Fiction/Fantasy Comics and Graphic Novels Classics Mythology Psychology Philosophy Rare/Signed/Collectible Complete Series All other genres dependent on current in stock inventory; a bookstore can only have so many copies of 'The Alchemist'!

Can I trade/exchange my used books?

Yes! The same rules apply to exchanging as buying; we aim to keep our inventory in the best possible condition. Trade value is typically 50% more than the offered cash price. Both options may be offered to you and they can be mixed and matched. Trade value can be used for either books or coffee/cafe items. Trade credit may not be used for special presses and select Harry Potter items.

Can I donate my used books to 'Shelf'?

Yes! We happily accept all book donations. Anything that we can't use, we will pass along to someone who can!

Can I work on my laptop at the bookshop?

*We are following the reccomended CDC guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and are operating with a 50% indoor capacity restriction* Yes, free wifi is available for our customers. We do ask that guests be aware of the temporary limited seating and be mindful of other dine-in customers and book browswers.

Can 'Shelf' cater and/or host my event?

Yes! PLEASE contact us directly to discuss your on or location event!